Alderash Series

A tale with the imagination, fantasy, and mystery as the Lord of the Rings, but with a modern flair and powerful female lead. Think Lord of the Rings meets Shannara Chronicles twisted with the Cruel Prince.

The Alderash realm is old and the elven race that inhabits it is even older. They helped inspire the truths of many human myths and legends.

Betrayals and promises haunt her visions. She will fight monsters, foes, and family, killing to survive while trying to find her rightful place. She will travel to worlds far beyond her imagination, learn extraordinary magic and gain the knowledge she will need to destroy the Evil that has returned. Destroying it could cost her and her family everything.
It’s Epic tale of a young woman, who grew up believing she was human with strange sixth sense type abilities. When the truth of her existence is revealed she must rise to the task of confronting an evil that is hellbent on destroying all the realms including the only home she has known, Earth. Along the way, she must learn and understand the truths about herself, her past and her future.

The order to read Alderash Series:

Book One in the Alderash Series
Book Two in the Alderash Series