About Me

I live in beautiful Colorado with my husband and daughters. When I’m not working as an accountant or writing stories, I enjoy watching my daughters play sports and being outdoors, either hiking, boating, or just enjoying the fresh air. When time allows, I love to travel to new places.

A little about me

I love building new and brilliant fantasy worlds while keeping these worlds anchored in the real world. It’s a touch of urban to hold the epicness together!

My Inspirations

My greatest inspirations for writing come from reading and traveling. I use my travels to create images of places that will fit within my worlds. The glorious architecture of the Cathedral at the Prague Castle, the town hall in Munich, Germany and the beautifully designed interior of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Fuson, Germany are the inspirations for the Citadel in my series of Alderash. Some of the most serene places I have visited have put me into a mindset to create some of my best work. Sitting next to a lake in the middle of a mountain valley or lounging by the ocean with its gentle roar. I have taken some not so lovely places, such as the super max prison in Colorado and made them places of torment and torture.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Fuson, Germany
Picture taken in June 2018
Parika Lake, Colorado
Picture taken in July 2017
Munich, Germany
Picture taken in June 2018